Holstic & Extensive Program for

Self - Empowerment, Reflection and Awareness

Focusing on all layers of your Health





Step into Your Essence

The power lies within you and the following layers to benefit are

  • Physical

    Observe your skin glow, ease Bloating and Digestion and release Mucus build up

  • Mental

    Practise Mental strength, become resilient and acquire new Knowledge to extend your Horizon and beyond

  • Emotional

    Shed off Attachments and Identities that no longer serve you. Release stuck Emotions and become vulnerably authentic

  • Spiritual

    Embark on your new Journey of Discovery and return back to your true self

Does this sound like you ?


  • Are eager to learn how to Detox holistically

  • Seek for Empowerment and Self Love Practises

  • Need to Shed off old Attachments and Identities

  • Want to understand the Mind Body Connection

  • Wish to unravel your emotional and spiritual Body

  • Strive to be an intuitive Eater and honour Food

  • Want to cultivate Courage and Resilience

  • Long to Nurture and Raise your Vibration

  • Are committed to Prioritizing your Health

Sumeena's Testimonial

part 1

Conscious Cleanse Phases

1. Preparation
2. Pre Tox
3. Mono
4. Juicing
5. Nourish

Let us step out of our Body.
Remove Stimulants. Remove Obstructions .
Allow Repair.
Let us refer back to Nature's Laws and
remind ourselves of the Essentials, and achieving an Abundance of vibrant Health and Vitality

Living in today’s polluted and stressful Environment can overburden our Body, resulting in a built up of Toxins that compromise our Health and Appearance.

If you experience from any of the following, then you could benefit from purification with our 10 Days Conscious Detox Retreat Course:

  • Lack of Energy

  • Skin Issues

  • Excess weight and cellulite

  • Bloating

  • Hormonal imbalances

Today we are exposed to more man-made toxins than ever before. There are:

  • Toxins in our food, including over 4,000 additives used in commercial food production

  • Toxins in our water, including residues from the industrial & pharmaceutical industries

  • Toxins in our homes which find their way into our cosmetics and household products

So it’s not surprising that from time to time our bodies feel congested and cry out for a much needed detox. Toxic overload causes many symptoms and in the longer term can slow down our body systems and functions, leading to exhaustion, premature ageing and degenerative disease.

Our conscious Cleanse program offers

a holistic approach to purification:

  • Detox

    Rejuvenate from within by detoxing the gut and colon, liver & lymphatic system of accumulated toxic waste, parasites, hormone metabolites and plaque stuck at a cellular level that is recirculating around our system.

  • Alkalize

    It is time to release toxic stagnant energy you’ve been carrying around weighing you down. With our detox bible you will have many protocols to follow and assist you in the process.

  • Nourish

    Transform and align your mind to reach back to your truest self. A new relationship to foods and awareness around your digestion and how your choice of foods affects vital body functions.

Why join us?

Our Conscious Detox online Retreat is a complete fasting experience that focuses on a holistic approach to purification.

  • Mindset, journaling & Intention setting, empowered to believe and trust in yourself and to take it one step at a time

  • Rest digestive system, stop overload and stress, decode your hunger

  • Learn about detox and specific organs and protocols to support the process

  • Re-evaluate habits and food choices, what are stimulants and how to substitute them

  • Nourish yourself holistically with inspiring mealplans, how to become alkaline

What to expect and how you are supported

We are guiding you through all phases, from preparation, pre tox, elimination, mono, juicing and nourishing, back to your conscious lifestyle. With many new habits, tools, knowledge and experience how to cleanse and reset yourself. So you can then at any time repeat this beneficial Cleanse in order to optimize you wellness, health and happiness. You can choose to run it by yourself or join us again in our supportive group setting, with all your new accountability friends.

  • Online Detox Course

    11 modules and 71 online lessons, accessible from the comfort of your home

  • Webinars

    Zoom offerings before each phase with Q&A support (or watch recording at your convenience)

  • WhatsApp

    Daily supportive WhatsApp Community thread

What else is included?

Prioritise your health

  • 1:1

    60 minutes private Health Consultation

  • Meal plans

    Booklet with Recipes for Pre Cleanse Preparation and inspiring recipes for a continuous Conscious lifestyle

  • Detox bible

    15 pages daily Detox Protocols to assist the process

  • Guest facilitators

    Certified wellness Practitioners share their Wisdom on Emotional Freedom Technique, Breath work, adaptogenic Essential oils and healing Herbs

  • Accountability Coaches

    Daily support by your Coaches Iris and Eva

  • Community

    Likeminded Cleansers


Your health Coaches

Founder and Mentor Iris Patrizia Giannoulake

I am the founder, creator and alchemist of Live Essences. Living a holistic lifestyle, I believe in the power of plants, prevention of dis-ease and optimizing your health the natural way. Because of my passion for medicinal plants, remedies and ancient recipes I created Live Essences Gut supporting Products to nourish, revive and energize the body. As it was first a passionate hobby of mine to follow new health food trends, macrobiotic cooking, raw foods, super foods, cleanses and detox protocols, I researched the last 25 years for my own nutrition, inspiring recipes, new scientific research and then started to create my own elixirs, detox protocols and now courses. I want to empower and inspire you to take your own health and wellness back into your own hands, by setting an example. By learning to listen to your own body, what it needs and what it is asking for. As a passionate Human Design Mentor, I believe it’s not about finding yourself, and about learning and embracing your genetical imprint, your Human Design. And with this knowledge to create optimum conditions to thrive and feel Alive, creating connection to physical, spiritual, and emotional health creates an environment and culture of keeping us happily connected, to our Live Essence, being able to hear our intuitions and confidently follow these heartfelt messages, ultimately and making solid decisions from a grounded place.

Holistic Health Coach Eva Kartika

Eva is a certified Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach that graduated from IIN Nutrition School. She is a trained wellness professional who uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve her clients' health. Working as a mentor towards an overall healthier life, she looks at her clients' nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, and more. Eva's bachelor degree and family background come from the culinary world, integrating different cultural ingredients in her style of nutritious, wholesome and highly energetic cooking. She hosts mindful food workshops on fermentation, gut and hormonal health and the importance of cellular detoxification. Eva is the co - author of the 10 days Conscious Cleanse focusing on holistic detoxification and has coached over 100 of clients privately and in group settings in their transformational detoxification journey.

Guided holistic detox program

    1. Program Disclaimer & Agreement

    2. Health History Form

    3. Introduction to your 10 days Cleanse start

    4. Library

    1. Prepare all your booklets and pdf's

    2. List of Cleanse Essentials

    3. Food Relationship & Conscious Cuisine Menu

    4. Sacred Journal and Detox Bible

    1. Detox Bible

    2. Dry Brush

    3. Enema

    4. Binders: Psyllium Husk & Bentonite Clay

    5. Tongue Scraper & Oil Pulling

    6. Vodka Cleanse

    7. Lymph Massage

    8. Stimulating the Lymphatic System

    9. Supporting with Essential Oils

    1. Conscious Reflections Journal

    2. The Mind Body Connection

    3. Intro to Breathwork

    4. Breathwork Exercise

    5. Breathwork Boxing Practise

    6. Modalities on Relaxation, Yoga, Meditation

    1. Check Point

    2. Decoding your Hunger

    3. Stimulants

    4. Coffee

    5. Beauty & Cleaning Products

    6. Terrain vs Germ Theory

About this course

  • €396,00
  • 86 lessons
  • 42.5 hours of video content

Clients Testimonials

My Experience was mind blowing and liberating

by Ayu

I was so surprised by how good and full of energy I felt. I'm proud that I have been off coffee and excited to explore my new found interest and appreciation for plant based foods. The course was very well structured and organised and I loved reading through all the learnings on thinkific. Eva & Iris were always so responsive and helpful whenever I had questions. They took their time to explain in detail and I am truly grateful for that. Eva is amazing and she truly inspires me to nourish my body better. Her knowledge in nutrition, detox and wellness are very extensive and I learnt a lot from her. She made the effort to really listen to me and give detailed explanations. I loved the program and would definitely do it again in a few months. My Intentions were to have a better relationship with food, to stop food cravings and emotional eating. And I achieved them :)

My favourite part was the 1:1 Health Consultation with Eva


My favourite part was the 1:1 Health Consultation with Eva. She gave me an amazing feeling, really took her time to talk about everything and saw where I am standing emotionally. Eva gave insights in other topics such as cycle syncing and maintained the perfect balance between professional coach and friend.

I found myself in a very safe place


Eva has been very helpful and I would like to continue with her coaching. She knows a lot of information that is very beneficial for my health. I also feel connected with her in many levels. I found myself in a very safe place.

It was so beneficial for me


Very good experience for me to make the cleanse Detox with this Incredible team ! First I met Iris for an interview , we made a point for my health , the way I eat since I'm a child , all my negative and positive habits and to find what I have to improve .. The first few days with just detox juices weren't easy for me, but what a result! I felt lighter, full of energy with a really deep cleansing feeling !! The way the team follows you and presents the program to you is a big plus, like the little extras with the dry brush and the Vodka scrub !! I can not do without it now ! Conclusion , it was so beneficial for me ! I even lost 3 kg, which was not my first motivation. I really recommend this program and think it should be done at least once a year ! Thank you so much to this precious team 🙏🙏

My biggest breakthroughs were letting go of my terrible caffeine dependency and realizing how much of an emotional eater I really was


I am incredibly satisfied and grateful for this experience. The program was very comprehensive, very well organized with lots of supportive tools/techniques. My biggest breakthroughs were letting go of my terrible caffeine dependency and realizing how much of an emotional (anxiety) eater I really am. It also brought me back to fundamentals of our nature. Simplicity is key in everything in life. This is the most supported program I have ever done. You need to remember you are doing the work, no one will do it for you. This is the closest it gets to someone holding your hand and walking you through it. Eva made me feel safe and supported. I felt comfortable telling her about very personal issues/ concerns and she helped me get to the root of my concerns. She listened to me and provided me with safe space and that really was meaningful to me and it encouraged me to stick to making important changes to my life style.

This course is just what I wanted


I was pleasantly surprised by the investment of the two coaches Eva and Iris. Their holistic and respectful approach to body and mind brings a lot of serenity to this adventure. We are in good hands. Not being myself an expert in nutrition, I particularly appreciate this detox because I have the impression that the coaches adapt according to the level of each one. This allows everyone to progress, to listen to themselves and to apply interesting methods in everyday life. Finally, I find it particularly relevant that the coaches support local projects and businesses. A healthy way to grow. This course is just what I wanted. It means feeling good, healthier, lighter and more knowledgeable. I succeed to do the juicing part I'm proud :) Being Healthy was my intention. Is "feel good and happy" enough to say I achieved it? I would say yes :)

My journey with the Conscious Cleanse was so transformative


The Conscious Cleanse was incredible. I felt very supported throughout the entire process. It was really exciting to learn so many new tools that I am implementing in my day to day life now. It was definitely a very emotional time and having a group accountability was great and witnessing everyone's journey. It was very inspirational. I have added for organic food into my diet and veggies. I am very very happy with the overall experience. My journey with the conscious cleanse was so transformative. I am so grateful I got to experience this along along with an incredible group of humans. Eva and Iris are incredible coaches. They were always in touch with us, going though any concerns/ questions and holding space for our emotions. I feel so great after doing it and I know have so many more tools that I've implemented in my life that makes feel healthier and happier. Thank you Eva and Iris!

The Conscious Cleanse was beyond my expectations


I learned about the relationship between food & drinks that I've been consuming and how this affected my physical and emotional state. The Detox Platform is well structured. I enjoyed the EFT chapter with guest speaker Maria and the topics with essential oil and herbs. I'm grateful I had Eva and Iris as coaches for my first detox journey. Big thanks to Iris who encourage me to join the course. And Eva, for her knowledge and making it easy to be guided. It is amazing how Eva and Iris made this course not only about detox but so much more. I discovered the connection with my physical and emotional body.

If you feel tired, hit a plateau or maybe need a good KICK START, then this is your cleanse.

Once you commit and sign up you’ll get access to our online Detox Platform right away

You can start with our Pre - Tox Phase immediately, or you can wait until we launch our official Detox Group take off.

You'll be learning how to make better choices which you will have with you for the rest of your life.

Are you committed to prioritising your Health and explore what steps are available to you?

Sumeena's Testimonial

part 2


  • How do I know if I need a detox ?

    Put simply, you need to detox when your body is overloaded with toxins. These toxins present differently in everybody but some common signs include bad skin, having problems with weight and constantly lacking energy. Our bodies actually detoxify naturally, but after constant exposure to toxins, the process can become compromised and our body can struggle to cleanse our organs and tissues properly. Eating a diet that incorporates a lot of meat, dairy and processed or fatty foods can clog the system. Regardless of your diet choices, the state of your detoxification mechanisms and your exposure to toxins (not just food, but chemicals too), just about everyone can benefit from the occasional detox. Think of it as a way to reboot your system, giving your body a fesh start.

  • When is the best time to start a detox ?

    A change in season in general is a great time to do a detox. It’s during these times that our body’s requirements change, so doing a week or month-long detox can give you a boost of energy right when you need it. Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to do a detox after a time of consistent overindulgence. On the flip side, there are times where detoxing is not a good idea. Doing a cleanse while you’re pregnant, stressed, sick or still recovering is not recommended.

  • How should I expect to feel during a Detox ?

    Withdrawing from caffeine and other stimulants isn’t always easy, and you may feel bad withdrawing from some foods as well. This should go away in a few days, and you may decide to do without these things permanently.

  • Why do I have to cut out gluten and dairy ?

    Gluten is particularly hard to digest, and it’s not uncommon for people to feel better when they cut out wheat, barley, and rye, even if they don’t have celiac disease. And it’s not just gluten—other proteins in grains can cause inflammation in the intestine. Inflammation results in a leaky gut wall that allows toxic molecules to pass into the body. People frequently aren’t aware that intolerances to grains or other foods could be responsible for issues they’ve been dealing with, such as migraines, congestion, gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Dairy products contain lactose, a sugar that most people don’t digest very well.

  • How do we match our schedules ?

    Great news! The modules in the course are perfectly spaced out so that they will be easy for you to get through without getting overwhelmed. They’re all online and easy to access whenever you have time. Each of the modules are broken up into shorter content and videos so you can get through as you have time.

  • How will I know if the detox is working?

    Everybody is different and the effects of a detox vary. A cleanse works by releasing the toxins and as they work their way out of your body, they can cause a variety of side-effects along the way. It is quite normal to feel worse before you feel better. Sometimes people experience headaches, fatigue, nausea and even flu-like symptoms. Others experience bad skin, stronger smelling sweat and urine or a coating on their tongue that causes bad breath. While these kinds of symptoms are all signs that your body is detoxifying, they can be quite overwhelming, even if they are temporary

  • What is not included in this detox course ?

    All food and drinks (including juices) are not provided. We also work with many detox tools to support you in this journey and this purchase is at your own expense too. We also give many suggestions on practises such as yoga, massage or acupuncture. All these appointments are at an extra charge at your own decision.

How to get started

Set up a free 20 minute discovery call with us. It's is an opportunity for us to understand your health status, resources, motivations, needs, desires, readiness for change, and overall appropriateness for coaching.